An integrated Accounting and Business management consulting

ADONAI ASSOCIATES is an experienced chartered accountants and business consultants firm based in South East London. We aim at providing outstanding services to our clients; providing peace of mind, increased profitability to their business and helping them to enjoy greater personal wealth.


Our advanced technical and industry knowledge enables us to proactively support and bring real value to your business wherever we can.


Our Mission


Our tradition is simple and clear, to serve and build with our clients using a proactive system based on simplicity, flexibility, quality and integrity. Our goal is to identify possible issues before they become problems.


Our team of qualified accountants and finance experts have years of industry experiences and have spent many years working on big projects worth millions of pounds across various industries.


At Adonai, we provide professional services to cater for all your accounting and business needs.  We can take the hassle out of your accounting and business; be it for compliance, reporting, business results reporting or other consulting services to enable you focus on your core business.  We are highly capable of planning and implementing your business idea from inception.

Any queries or concerns?

                       Please call us on +44 79 40060159 or use our contact form.

No two businesses are the same

We work very hard to gain a deep insight into your business and get insight to your strengths, we then connect new start ups, growing resources to help you perform at your best and maximum strength.

What our people know

We process work, and with our vast network of relationship all combine deliver the highest calibre financial advice and solution that will help you achieve your business and financial objectives.

Business success is often driven by innovation

In the UK, our wide range of initiatives are available to help small businesses make the most of their research and development programmes.

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